Woodson W.PO52 Pronto Quick Performance Oven

///Woodson W.PO52 Pronto Quick Performance Oven

Woodson W.PO52 Pronto Quick Performance Oven

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In the fast pace QSR industry, delivering quality foods in the shortest time is key to customer satisfaction and retention.The Woodson Pronto quick performance oven is compact, easy to operate and puts the power of impingement cooking at your fingertips.

Impingement and intelligent air flow technology achieve consistent cooking results while toasting and finishing food items to perfection. Pronto offers the flexibility to customize up to 50 programs on the user-friendly touchscreen. Cook a variety of menu items throughout the day that satisfies your customers as it adapts to your growing business.

  • Quick performance oven with upper impingement heat and lower infrared heat
  • Close loop temperature control with a temperature range of 100°C – 275°C
  • Circulating impingement air flow adjustable from 50% to 100%
  • Adjustable bottom infrared heat to expedite cooking and help browning
  • Touch screen control with 50 customisable menu recipe shortcuts or manual control
  • USB and software for menu recipe upload
  • 2 stage cooking with full control of oven temperature as well as cooking time and fan speed and lower element power
  • Adjustable energy saving mode – idle time & temperature
  • Clean assist program with integrated cool down function
  • Removable support rack with impingement plate crumb tray and front air filter for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Robust construction with stainless steel interior and heavy duty door hinges
  • Catalytic converter helps erase the odour of cooking oil
  • Easy to assemble with height adjustable legs