Roband CP80 Coffee Percolator

///Roband CP80 Coffee Percolator

Roband CP80 Coffee Percolator

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The Robatherm Percolator, arguably best in its class, has been cleverly designed to deliver outstanding percolated coffee or tea in a simple to use fashion and with minimal parts to clean.
Whilst the taste of the finished beverage speaks for itself, it’s the elegant style, double skin construction with quality components such as a stainless steel tap, twist lock lid and sturdy handles coupled with the simple and effective coffee/tea basket design that sets this percolator apart from the competition.

Double skin construction – reducing external touch temperatures

Simplified and effective basket ensuring minimal parts to clean and preventing coffee granules or tea leaves from entering drink to be served

Patented “safety dome” ensures a great tasting beverage and reduces risk of scalding if lid is inadvertently removed during percolation cycle

Simple on/off operation – separate percolator element delivers coffee or tea whilst warming element keeps the beverage at serving temperature during and after percolation cycle

Sturdy high-quality non-drip stainless steel tap

12.8 litre, 80 (160ml) cup approximate capacity

Twist lock lid with quality handles

7.2 amp

1,650 watts

270mm giameter x 500mm high

80 cup capacity (160ml cup)